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My Report Card for 2013 – from Good to Bad!


The Google Analytics screenshot above probably tells you the whole story; from a high of 20k pageviews last December 2012, it when down to 4k pageviews a decrease of 80%, which if my livelihood depends on this web site, I’d be dead broke, poor even!

When you look at my 2012 report card, you’ll think that my 2013 report card is from a different blogsite. Not really a great year for the site, probably because some of the contributor have not been writing for much of the year and have been reading less about gadgets and more about the Philippines Startups, Apps and Events, this year than the past year, which I will be continuing and plan on doing this year.

I’m still going write about gadgets and devices as long as I have the resources and sources to write about it. Since I’m based here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia you probably gonna read more about the gadgets and devices that will be release and launch in the Kingdom and in the Middle East in General, so again another shift in audience.

Hopefully I will be able to grow the site like it was 2012 again and go beyond that, and if everything goes according to plan, you might see me writing for other sites.

Since this is the first day of the year, again I wish you all the best for 2014!