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Facebook intros “Donate” button for Nonprofit Organizations


Inspired in their partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross to let people donate directly to the Red Cross’s relief efforts in the Philippines, Facebook introduced the “Donate” button that lets people contribute directly to nonprofits through Facebook.

The Donate button will appear besides the nonprofits posts on the News Feed and at the top of their Facebook pages. When people click “Donate Now” they can choose the amount, enter their payment information, and immediately donate to that cause. People can also share the nonprofit’s post on their own news feed.


The Donate is now available to 19 nonprofit organization like Red Cross, UNICEF, LiveStrong and more, and if you’re a nonprofit organization and wish to use the DONATE feature, you can apply here.

Facebook will not charge participating nonprofit org for using the “Donate” feature but it sure is a great way for them (Facebook) to collect credit card info from Facebooks users, that could boosts its eCommerce initiative.