Apple, Saudi Arabia

An “Apple Store” here in Riyadh!


We were just heading back home, when we saw this Apple Store in Urubah corner Takasushi in Riyadh, I was thinking it’s another one of those “copied” Apple Store like the one in China. It was obviously not the “real” Apple store but we still went for a stop checkout the store.

To our disappointment, the store does not sell any Apple device, not even the cheapest iPod shuffle, the only items on display and being sold are casing and housing for idevices, even for non-Apple Products like Samsung, Nokia and even BlackBerry. So it’s more of an accessory store than an Apple Retailer.

Since the name of the store got us interested, the owner of the store succeeded in making his store stand out and interesting, even though he’s using the name “Apple Store”.

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