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Mozilla Announces the Preview of Firefox Optimized for Windows 8 Tablets

preview of firefox

Just the boost that Windows 8 tablet ecosystem needed, as Mozilla announces the preview of Firefox Optimized for Windows 8 Tablets.

via mozilla:

This touch-friendly version of Firefox has been designed to ensure people get the best browsing experience on their Windows 8 tablet. It has a tile-based Firefox Start experience and supports Firefox Sync, Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures, Snapped and Fill views, and Windows Share integration all delivered with a streamlined, modern and beautiful interface.

Because this new version of Firefox uses the same powerful Gecko rendering engine as in Firefox desktop, there’s also support for WebGL for compelling 3D graphics and asm.js which supercharges JavaScript in the browser, allowing developers to port high performance C++ games to the Web. Hardware accelerated full HTML5 video is also supported, including open video formats like WebM and proprietary formats such as H.264.

If you like to take the preview of Firefox for Windows 8 Tab for a spin, make sure you set is as your default browser, then just looks for the Firefox Aurora tile from the Windows Start screen (Windows 8) or from the All Apps screen if you’re running Windows 8.1 then just pin it to the Windows Start screen.

Preview of Firefox Optimized for Windows 8 Tablets is clearly a work in progress, as Mozilla stressed that “they’re exclusively focused on improving performance and responsiveness”. For more details about the Preview of Firefox Optimized for Windows 8 Tablets and how to get it, just go here.

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