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Study: Yahoo! tops Google as the most visited Website in US for July 2013


For first time many years, Yahoo! beat Google as the most visited site in the United States for the month of July 2013 – actually the last time Yahoo! became the most visited site in the US was last May 2011.

This was according to a report by research firm comScore that measures the monthly Web activity of the top 50 Web properties in the United States. Yahoo had 196,564,000 unique visitors while Google had 192,251,000, during the month of July 2013. That 4313000 difference may not be that much but it’s a symbolic win for Yahoo specially for Marissa Mayer who just celebrated her first year as Yahoo!’s CEO.

Yahoo’s number does not include the traffic from Tumblr that the company bought for $1 Billion last May 2013, what’s not clear is which Google properties was measured and if they include Google’s Homepage and the traffic coming from mobile specially those devices running Google Android.

comScore later added that “Yahoo! Sites was seen by 87.2 percent of the 225 million Internet users in July.”

I can just hear Marissa Mayer yodelling “Yahoooooo!”