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Manila City Hall To Launch an Official Facebook and Twitter Account


It looks like city-hood of Manila will be utilizing the power of social media to send updates, news and even receive complaints thru the soon to be announce “official” social media accounts of the City of Manila.

Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno said on his facebook account

We will soon launch an FB and twitter account solely dedicated to all your complaints/concerns and likewise inform you of traffic updates and official announcements from City Hall.

Pasensya na po kung hinde ako nakaka reply,sobrang dami po ng messages but we will try our best to act on your concerns.

Thank you and Goodnight Manila!

Aside from Vice Mayor’s announcement, there have been no additional details was to what the Twitter account or Facebook account is, or when will these account be launch/active. One this is for sure, the team that will be handling Manila City’s social media account will have their work cut out for them, since it’s a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week gig, though I’m sure they’ll be able to work at home.

Source: Rappler
Photo: ebtenorio

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