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Skype Now Out of Preview – Available to All Platform Except Windows Phone


Skype just announced that the latest version of the Skype software/app is now out of preview version and the full version will be available to “almost” all computing platforms like Windows (XP, Vista, 7) desktop, Windows 8, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry.

The full version of Skype will now include the new video message feature that allows you to send, receive and view as many video message as you like and free of charge, on the preview version of Skype, users can only view video messages for six months and if you want unlimited viewing, you will need purchased Skype Premium.

Skype video messages can be send, received and viewed on any platform or device running Skype, except for Windows Phone which is surprising knowing that Skype is not own by Microsoft, the Windows Phone version of Skype can still received and viewed video messages but not send.

To see how Skype Video Message in Action, you can watch the video below.

To download the full version of Skype for your desktop and mobile device, you can go here.

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