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Motorola Mobility’s New Logo – Sign of New Things To Come?


We practically have not heard from Motorola Mobility since they became part of the search giant last May 2012. Now Motorola Mobility has a new logo.

The first thing that you will notice is the tagline “a Google Company” at the bottom, then gone is the solid red logo, which will be replaced by a “flat” designed Motorola “M” icon, with a colorful circle that has the element of a CMYK Color wheel, then the company name “MOTOROLA” is now in a lower-case typeface.

The new logo appears to represent a number of changes that the company will be making this year most notably on how they develop and release new products – where they will be doing an Apple-like product cycle where they will be releasing flagship category products with more innovative features and specs. Its more on quality than quantity this time.

Source: Yugatech

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