Line Messenger Announces Q1 2013 Earnings – Up 92% from Last Quarter’s $58 Million


Line Messenger of Naver Japan (NHN) just announced their earnings for the first quarter (Q1) of 2013, this is the first time that NHN has publicly announced their earnings since the company officially launched the Line Messenger last June 23, 2011.

To further breakdown the numbers, NHN said that 50% of their earnings are from the 24 games that you can play within the app; 30% are from 191 stamp or stickers that are sold to users that also includes official account Sponsored stickers and 80% of their earnings are from Japanese users.

As of April 2013, Line messenger has more than 150 Million active users globally and have strong presence in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain and Indonesia, and currently planning for a marketing push in the Asia, Spain and South American region, since the company sees a lot of opportunities to monetize outside Japan. Line Messenger was recently launched in the Philippines last Valentine’s Day.

Monetizing a messenger is not an easy task, just ask Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft and more often than not they usually resort in serving ads, and from the numbers that Line announced a number of mobile messaging apps will surely be following Line’s footsteps.

Line Messenger is available to all major mobile platform like; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. You can also download the Line desktop application for Windows/8 and Mac OSX. You can just go here to download and install Line Messenger on your smartphone or desktop.

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