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Saudi Arabia to Ban VOIP Base Communication Software and Apps

Skype's Login Screen

Skype’s Login Screen

Technology have been one of the tools for us OFW to remedy homesickness of not being able to be with your love ones and family, not it looks like it gonna reach an all time high for Filipino OFW, since VOIP base communication software or apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype may be ban in Saudi Arabia if the developers or companies of these communication platforms do not provide a monitoring server by the end of this week.

Arab News reports:

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is threatening blockage of programs and applications that provide conversation and visual communication because they use encrypted connections, an Arabic daily reported.

According to two informed sources who work at local telecommunication companies, this issue has been at the top of the agenda of discussions during meetings between heads of telecom companies and the CITC over the past 20 days. The meetings have finally concluded with the CITC demanding that it be allowed to monitor the encrypted applications. In addition, officials from the CITC have cautioned that they might block these programs if they fail to reach an acceptable solution with the owners.

It looks like this is the same issue when Saudi Government said that it will stop BlackBerry services and as well as ban the sale of BB device 3 years ago because the service “does not meet regulatory requirements“.

The ban will not only affect OFW and Expats, but all users of these communication services and apps, if in case WhatsApp, Viber and Skype will be ban in the Kingdom, user will just switch to another service and may be like those with self destruct mechanism like Snapchat or Facebook’s Poke.

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