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Microsoft to Enable Flash with the latest Internet Explorer 10 Update

ie-10Apple already ban and no longer supports Flash, specially from it’s iOS platform, then last year Microsoft via Windows 8 and IE 10 (in modern UI mode) quietly removes the support for browser plugins like Flash and their own Silverlight, saying that plug-in free browser improves battery life, security, reliability, and consumers privacy.

It looks like Microsoft is singing a different tune by releasing a new Windows Update that enable Flash content to run by default an IE 10 in the Modern-UI previously known as Metro-UI.

Microsoft said;

This updates the immersive IE experience on Windows 8, and both the immersive and desktop IE experiences on Windows RT. The update will be made available to customers with Windows Update. The curated CV list applies to IE on the desktop for Windows RT since the most common reason to block Flash is that the site relies on other plug-ins that are not available on Windows RT… For Windows 8, we worked with Adobe to include a version of Flash that is optimized for touch, performance, security, reliability, and battery life.

It’s still unclear as why Microsoft decided to support for flash again, since web site who wants to be mobile friendly have less or no longer use flash, one thing is clear though, Flash is already in it’s deathbed and this will only delay the obvious.

You can read Microsoft’s announcement here.