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Microsoft Philippines Launches Office 2013


Office 2013, a reinvention of Microsoft’s flagship product and one of the most popular line of office suites has finally arrived in the Philippines. In an event Tuesday, February 5 Microsoft Philippines formally announced the availability of Office 2013 or the new Office, introducing its new features and pricing as well.

The new office, as I see it, is the most exciting product release thus far made by Microsoft as it transforms the ‘usual’ way you used to utilize your office applications. With the new Office, you can now sync your files into the cloud so you can access them anywhere you go, allowing you to continue and finish tasks as you left them!

The new Office is a cloud service designed for the modern day users whose devices used for work and play have merged.  It provides the latest and most complete set of Office applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel among others.

The Office 365 Home Premium comes with extra (Microsoft’s free online storage), and 60 minutes of free Skype world minutes. Priced at Php3,499.00 SRP, the Office 365 Home Premium is available through one-year subscription which customers may now install in a total of 10 devices (five PCs and five tablets).

As Karrie Ilagan, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines shared during the launching, the new Microsoft Office extends its boundaries beyond the four corners of a room as it takes your files to the cloud where you can access them, made modifications and share specific files to your colleagues.

Today, we mark the next big step in Microsoft’s transformation to devices and services, as we introduce and take you to your modern Office—an Office that goes beyond the four corners of a room, an Office that is accessible wherever you are!

This is Office re-imagined as a cloud service with all the full-featured Office applications people know and love, together with impressive new cloud and social benefits built for the modern day consumer.

Nevertheless, the new Office grants you and anyone with the link access to files you put on their cloud service and start collaborating. This is significant especially for students working on a project like a thesis where everyone is assigned to work on parts of documentation, chapter by chapter. It can also be a total advantage for people who are always on the run and people who writes often like bloggers! In fact, Gabriel Villanueva, a Computer Engineering Student/Microsoft Student Partner/Microsoft U-CrewAmbassador/Tech Blogger enjoys so much its benefits as he can write and publish at the same with the new Office!


“The new Office Word application has helped me a lot as both a student and a young blogger. The new Word enables me to focus on the right section of the document so that I can go to the desired chapter or outline of my thesis without navigating through all the pages. In effect, reading long documents has become an even more enjoyable and hassle-free experience with the new Office,” Gabriel Villanueva shared in the event.

The Office 2013 doesn’t end up in providing a remote repository of files but, as you can expect from its previous versions, it is also built for the dynamics of the enterprise, where users will have more control on how they deploy this to their companies.  The new Office builds on its prior successes of security, control and management.

Kelsey Hartigan-Go, former VP of De La Salle University’s IT Department and the current CIO of SM Prime Holdings, shared how the capabilities of the Office 2013 have successfully helped increase the productivity of his businesses.

“Microsoft has helped strengthen our IT infrastructure with the new Office and this has been very helpful in the growth of our business. Aside from Office, we have been using Microsoft productivity solutions such as Lync, Exchange and SharePoint. We are excited about the new Office because it offers mobility, cloud and control features built for the enterprise.”

The new Microsoft Office 365 (Office 2013) Home Premium is now available in 162 markets in 21 languages worldwide. All customers getting the package will enjoy many benefits including:

  • The latest and most complete set of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.
  • One license for the entire household to use Office on up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs or Macs, and Office on Demand available from any Internet-connected PC.
  • An additional 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, nearly three times the amount available with a free SkyDrive account.
  • 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world.
  • Future upgrades, so you always use the latest time-saving technology.

You can learn more about this software or try it for 30-day trial at the website of Microsoft Philippines.

Photo Credits: Gabriel Villanueva on Facebook

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