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Newest ATM Modus Uses Hidden Card Reader and Camera to Capture PIN


Be careful when withdrawing your money with ATMs. An alarming news caught my attention today and–I think I should also share this to spread the news especially to our readers, about this newest modus of a group of syndicate who targets ATM cardholders.

According to reports, the new ATM modus works by secretly installing a hidden card reader right on the upper part of the ATM card slot. The installed card reader allegedly has also a minute camera that captures your Personal identification Number (P.I.N) as you key them in. Usually, your transaction will be smooth and just normal but without notice the syndicate has already copied your P.I.N. The syndicate then will replicate your card with the security code and such captured from the original card and after that they can now use it to withdraw money on your credit!

A friend of mine (we’re not really friends in person) on Facebook and a known blogger Sir Spanky Enriquez shared on his FB account about this modus saying his BDO ATM card was compromised but luckily he was able to go to the nearest branch of the bank to report the incident and secure his account.



be VERY careful when withdrawing from any ATM~
my card was compromised just a couple of days ago;
lucky that BDO was able to block my card immediately.

“The syndicate surreptitiously installs card readers on ATM
machines, just on top of the slot where you insert your card.
To the untrained eye, you will think this is just part of the
machine, at the same time, they install minute cameras
on top which records the client’s P.I.N. keystrokes.”

Meanwhile, Enriquez’s report has already caught the attention of national media such as Inquirer and ANC. Inquirer reported that the modus operandi has already victimized many cardholders reaping millions of pesos from victims’ accounts. ANC did try to get a statement from BDO and the bank said “it will find ways to assist Enriquez once it determines the problem.”

Watch the video report from ANC:

Have you also been a victim or do you know someone who became a victim of this modus operandi?

Photo Credits: Spanky Enriquez on Facebook