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Tech Tips: Create your own BlackBerry 10 App using the BlackBerry App Generator

The BlackBerry 10 Launch event is less than 24 hours away and if you have a blog and you want your readers to access your content using a native app on Blackberry 10 then you can create your own app using the BlackBerry App Generator.

Black Berry App Generator is a web application powered by Mippin that uses RSS or Atom feed, popular blogs, Youtube, Flickr and Picasa as the content source to create a native BlackBerry 10 Apps without typing a single code. Mippin is also the company that’s also behind the Nokia App Wizard.

Before diving into the App generator, first you will need to have both a BlackBerry App World Vendor Account and BlackBerry App Generator account though the BB App Generator sign-up process will be available when generating your app and make sure that you have the same email address for both account.

There are 4 steps in creating your BB 10 native App:
1. Content Source – You tell the App generator where the content will come from; you just need to type the URL of your content. The content can come from any of the following: RSS and Atom Feeds,, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

2. Design – You get to choose the layout, color and logo and overall feel of your app on this step. You can also setup the icon and name of your app. You can be as creative as you can on this steps, since this is what your user will see when using your app.

3. Description – this is where you categorize the App and specify whether it’s a blog, magazine or news, tell BB App World the content rating of your app and the description. When the app is approved, these info will be used to tell where the app will be located or placed in the BB App World.

4. Monetize – this will be the last step before your app is published and . You can specify if your app will be free or a paid apps, you can also setup an in app advert using BlackBerry Advertising Service or just no adverts.

Once done will all 4 steps, it will just take 3 to 10 minutes before the app is ready to be published in the BlackBerry App World.

Here’s a video walk-through of the BB App Generator.

Source: Yugatech