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Google Chrome the preferred Web browser for 2012

Last year it was IE that was still leading as the most used (desktop) web browser globally, now it appears that Google Chrome browser have been the top browser for 2012 used by 36.42% of all web surfer around the world according to StatCounter.

Google Chrome took the top spot from Internet Explorer last May 2012 and never looked back, though IE gained some momentum from July to August, they ended up capturing just 30.78% of marketshare, Windows 8 did not help either, even though Microsoft is reporting that they sold 40 Million Windows 8 outpacing Windows 7 in it’s first month of retail availability.

What’s surprising with StatCounter’s report is that Mozilla Firefox’s usage continue to decline even though they’ve been releasing updates and upgrade like crazy last year, they’re practically releasing 1 version every 2 month. Mozilla is currently behind Microsoft’s IE at 21.89%, to complete the top 5, Safari at 7.92% and Opera at 1.26% usage of all web traffic for 2012.

In the Philippines
Just like last year Google Chrome is the undisputed king of web browser, which is being used by 62.54% of all web users in the Philippines and (very far) at 2nd is Mozilla Firefox at 25.32%. Safari, IE and Opera are then left fighting on what’s left.

Google Chrome did not became the most used web browser because marketing savy or being locked within the OS, it became the favorite web browser because it’s fast; fast in loading pages, javascripts, running web application and has hardware acceleration support. Of course you can always say that “other” web browsers are also great..”Great in downloading Google Chrome”.

So which of the top 5 browser are using and why? You can answer via the comment box below.