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NTC proves SMART superior over Globe but both still failed on Drop Call test

Globe vs Smart NTC Test

It’s been two months since the last National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) test was conducted in selected cities in Metro Manila and this week, the recent benchmark tests held by the commission proves that both of the Philippine’s biggest telecommunication networks, SMART and Globe showed significantly improved and better performance as it pass 4 out of 5 tests with SMART superior over Globe, 5-0 on all benchmarks.

According to the data released yesterday, both SMART and Globe got a higher rating over the past months tests particularly on Grade of Service test. NTC representatives made over 2,189 test calls while inside a moving vehicle to measure how the two telcos are performing in Metro Manila. The result is given below.

NTC test on Globe and SMART upgraded network In the graph above, it shows that SMART has better grades in all benchmarks over Globe showing highest performance in Average Receive Signal Level, Call Set Up Time and Grade of Service (GoS). This translates that SMART has a better network infrastructure compared to its rival where subscribers enjoy faster communication, higher signal rate in indoor places, better voice quality transmission and lesser chance of blocked calls.

Despite SMART completely outshines Globe this time, both networks are still lacking in superb network quality–the fact that both network already upgraded to 4G–as it hit the Drop Call Rate benchmark below the NTC’s set parameter.

Globe’s infrastructure though may not have been completely upgraded as Ernest Cu, Globe President told Rappler that there is indeed a significant improvement on Globe’s infrastructure because of the ongoing network upgrade.

“There is marked improvement in our own grade of service, ease of calls getting through and signal strength which are early indications that the network improvements are happening because of our ongoing modernization”

SMART’s Public Affairs Head, Ramon R. Isberto, gladly shared it had outperformed its rival in a 5-0 knockout saying that its subscribers enjoy better quality service.

“What these numbers mean is that Smart subscribers enjoy better-quality service,” Isberto said.  “We are able to deliver superior voice, text, and data services even though we have the largest subscriber base.”

I may sound bias at some point in this article–its inevitable–but in my personal experience, I find Globe’s signal really frustrating lately. I don’t know if it’s just me but it is always no signal whenever I’m in subways like in LRT Katipunan station and even at the ground floor of our house. Just a couple of days ago, I had a conversation with a friend also complaining about his broadband signal. But I’m not having trouble or experiencing any major problems like dropped calls or receiving texts late.

Just one thing that I really don’t like about Globe’s service is their SMS notifications. It gets annoying to receive such texts few times each day about their latest promo that it seems their portal and customer service is not yet enough to cater all concerns and services they offer. But then, despite this result, I’m still not jumping in to the other network.

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